Hi, my name is Sophia.

I am a professional counsellor and psychotherapist based in Singapore.

My mission is to help individuals like you lead successful, fulfilling, and well-meaning lives – one that you would be eager to jump out of bed for. I provide professional counselling and psychotherapy services for teenagers and adults to help them overcome life challenges and flourish as individuals. 

My counselling approach is based on the philosophy of positive psychology combined with a range of other effective evidence-based approaches such as Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

Through carefully established counselling plans, we will work together in a safe, private environment to achieve your personal goals.

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Testimonials from Clients and Friends

“Having known Sophia since our university days, aside from being a really dependable friend, she’s one who exhibits great patience and empathy too; qualities which the society sorely needs today. Through the years of interaction with her, Sophia comes across as a very genuine person; at times she would share her thoughts and advice with us, and at others, she simply lends a listening ear. It must have been her sincere and positive spirit that makes people around her feel at ease.

Beyond these, it is her grit and dedication in pursuing her mission to help others that inspires me greatly. I’m certain that she would pave a new way in this field of counselling and psychotherapy, bringing the light of hope to many in society!”

Alyssa W.


“Sophia has demonstrated resilience, strength and determination in overcoming obstacles that come her way, and these qualities have enabled her to achieve her goals. Her willingness to listen has helped her gain her friends’ and clients’ trust, and her unassuming demeanor makes anyone at ease almost immediately. I enjoy speaking to Sophia about life’s challenges as I know I can trust her to listen without judgement, and provide invaluable advice and logical solutions, which makes me feel more encouraged and inspired to deal with them.

Sophia has bravely stepped out of her comfort zone to hopefully touch more hearts and help more people, which I greatly admire and respect. If you ever need a listening ear from someone who can help you overcome your current situation, Sophia would be an ideal person to turn to. “

Adeline M.

“I went to talk to Sophia about some of the anger issues that I was having. She taught me how to be more aware of my emotions, and this has helped me to control my anger better.”

Shawn L.