5 Places to Get Healthy Chinese New Year Goodies

It seemed not too long ago that Christmas and New Year was here, and now Chinese New Year is almost upon us! This is the time of the year whereby families and extended families visit and catch up with one another. For some relatives, this might be only time of the year whereby you will see them.

This year, Chinese New Year will arrive slightly earlier this year as compared to last year, which means less time for spring cleaning, shopping, and getting the house ready for visitors. Chinese New Year is also a slightly stressful period for some, because of the *very difficult questions* that well-meaning relatives like to ask.

If this is also a slightly stressful period for you too, I hope that this list of 5 places to get healthy snacks for Chinese New Year saves you some legwork. Instead of avoiding difficult questions from relatives with a Coca-Cola, why not try offering them a healthy snack? ūüėČ

01 | BoxGreen

BoxGreen is a healthy snack box subscription service that delivers nutritious snacks right to your doorstep. Their snacks are rigorously reviewed by a team of nutritionists at MyKenzen, are all natural, and arrive in portion-controlled packages (under 120 kcal).

BoxGreen Fortune Corgi Box

Source: BoxGreen

This year, BoxGreen launched a limited edition The Fortune Corgi Box gift box ($88, free delivery) in line with the year of the dog. The gift box contains four tubs of festive goodies Р mandarin chia cookies, ginger beetroot snaps, natural sambal kacang mix, and coco pineapple cluster. This gift box will definitely be a much appreciated welcome gift when visiting the homes of friends and relatives.

If you would like to stock up on healthy snacks for guest visits, BoxGreen also offers a variety of snack boxes ranging from 12 to 50 snacks. You can also add different snack packs that you like into your cart to make up your own snack box. This makes preparing the house for Chinese New Year visits so much easier!

Tel: +65 9771 6648
Email: support@boxgreen.co
Website: https://www.boxgreen.co

02 | Made Real

Made Real is a healthy snack box subscription service that personalizes snack selections based on individual snack preferences and health goals. Their snacks are free from MSG, colouring, corn syrup, and are sourced from a mix of independent producers and their in-house brand.


Source: Made Real

For Chinese New Year, Made Real has launched a Chinese New Year Snack Box ($29.90, free shipping) that makes for a perfect gift! The gift box includes 4 Made Real snack packs and 7 Juan tea sachets nicely packaged into a beautiful box. I really appreciate the effort that they have made to include traditional festive details into their product packaging. Would probably impress any relative who still hasn’t hopped on the healthy snacking bandwagon!

Made Real
Website: https://madereal.sg

03 | Cedele

Source: Cedele

Cedele is definitely not a new kid on the block when talking about places to get your Chinese New Year goodies. With its commitment to using only the finest ingredients, organic unrefined sugar, no trans-fat and artificial ingredients, you can be sure of the quality of their products.

For Chinese New Year this year, Cedele is offering a series of artisan handmade cookies that is priced from $19.80 onwards. The series features a number of old favourites such as Pineapple Pocket Pie, Gula Melaka Coconut and Cranberry Almond Oatmeal.

Multiple outlets (View)
Tel: +65-69229700
Email: contactus@cedeledepot.com
Website: http://www.cedelegroup.com/

04 | Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

Chef Delcie’s mission is a noble one. Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes aims to bring the joy of sweet treats to individuals with egg allergy, dairy intolerance or diabetic conditions with its guilt-free bakes. The bakery has been certified as a “Healthier Choice Bakery” by the Health Promotion Board, meeting the stringent criterion of being low in calories, cholesterol, trans-fat free, sugar, and high in fibre.

Source: Delcies Desserts and Cakes

This year, Chef Delcie has given a healthy spin to traditional Chinese New Year cookies such as pineapple tarts, white almond cookies, green pea cookies, and love letters. Many of her Chinese New Year creations are low in sugar, diabetic-friendly, dairy-free or eggless. A tub of Chinese New Year cookies from Delcies range between $28.80 to $35.00.

Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes
34 Whampoa West #01-83,
Singapore 330034
Tel: +65 9789 2309 or +65 62822951
Email: order@delciesdesserts.com
Website: http://delcies.com/

05 | Bud of Joy

Source: Bud of Joy

Bud of Joy is a bakery that uses entirely organic ingredients, without any artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives, bread improvers, corn syrup and trans-fat. The owners of the bakery strongly believe in making whole foods that are without processed ingredients and chemical additives. Together with the bakery, Bud of Joy also sells organic grocery items and household products, as well as some organic produce.

The highlight of Bud of Joy’s Chinese New Year creations are Organic Pineapple Pearls ($58.80) made from fresh organic pineapples, and Organic Dark Chocolate Melts ($32.00) made from organic raw cacao. There is also an Organic CNY Bundle that contains 5 tubs of their signature CNY goodies at $195.00.

Bud of Joy
71 Circuit Road #01-31,
Singapore 370071
Tel: +65 6748 7687
Email: sales@budofjoy.com
Website: https://budofjoy.com

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    1. Dear Dany and team, thank you for sharing about your handmade Chinese New Year goodies! I like that all your baked goods are also halal certified. Have a great Chinese New Year in advance!

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